Preparing to open the Temporary Tabu (Tabu Tara) in Waitabu MPA

Preparing to open the Temporary Tabu (Tabu Tara) in Waitabu MPA

Waitabu’s marine protected area (Tabu Vakadua) is very well known, as they have been preserving it since April 1998, and no fishing of any kind is allowed there.

In June 2012 a new experiment was started in an attempt to create a sustainable fishery on a stretch of reef adjoining the Tabu area. This area is called a Tabu Tara (closed/ open) and is designed to be protected for a period of time, opened for controlled harvest and then closed again.

A hardy team of volunteers set out to count invertebrate animals such as Giant Clams (Vasua), Sea Cucumbers, and Trochus shells. The team members persisted with their task despite the cold (25 – 26oC) winter waters.

FULL STORY HERE: Preparing to open the Temporary Tabu (Tabu Tara) in Waitabu MPA

Underwater video from a reef check with Waitabu Marine Park, Fiji

During the first week of March, 2012, Waitabu Village played host to a group of dedicated local marine lovers from surrounding villages who came together to take part in the annual marine Survey.

Great snorkel trip in the Park

Last week we had one of supporters and friends, Helen Sykes comes to visit and go on a snorkel trip.
This time she brought along her sister and brother-in-law, Christine and Larry all the way from Colorado Springs in Colorado USA. Helen and Christine’s late father Derek Sykes and his Lancaster Rotary Club in the UK funded the solar power in the MArine Park building, and supplied a portable solar light to each of the houses in Waitabu before solar was available on Taveuni. Derek and the Rotary Club picture hangs in the Marine Park office. A sevusevu welcoming Larry and Christine Walker, sister and brother-in-law of Helen Sykes, and daughter and son-in-law of Derek Sykes and to the village. Vuvale (family) is very important in the Fijian traditions and culture.

d.light A1 Solar Lanterns for Cyclone Preparedness

As part of the Fund Raising for TC Winston earlier this year, a portion of the funds were used for the long term cyclone preparedness for this up coming year in the form of d.light A1 Solar Lanterns for everyone.

These were the final payments used from the the funds in the Friends of Waitabu TC Winston Appeal.

A total of 240 d.light A1 Solar Lanternswere distributed to Waitabu communities thanks to the generosity of  the Friends of Waitabu TC Winston Appeal.

How they were distributed 2 per house1 for every student in high school total of 10 students2 for the hall2 for church3 box for Vurevure and Wai settlements3 box will be sold out to nearby community for village funds

Video from Waitabu Snorkel Trip – May 2016

Helen Sykes, one of our long time supporters and friends, came to visit and go on a snorkel trip and here is some video from that visit.

This time she brought along her sister and brother-in-law, Christine and Larry all the way from Colorado Springs in Colorado USA.

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David Attenborough - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the man who started both H and I on our journey into the natural world we live our lives with our conservation and eco principles... Sir David Attenborough, the voice of nature.

Bouma National Heritage Park - Lonely Planet

This national park protects over 80% of Taveuni's total area, covering about 150 sq km (57 sq mi) of rainforest and coastal forest.

The park includes the three Tavoro Waterfalls near the falls' visitor centre, each with natural swimming pools. The first waterfall is about 24m (78ft) high and only 10 minutes' walk along a flat cultivated path.

 The second waterfall, 30 or 40 minutes along, is a bit smaller but also has a good swimming pool.

The track is quite steep in places but has steps, handrails and lookout spots to rest. If you are a keen walker, try the Vidawa Rainforest Trail.

 LocationBouma National Heritage Park , Fiji Telephone+679 867 7311 More

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